Kindergarten Classes

K Teachers 2016-2017

CCPS kindergarten teachers recognize the importance of each child having a solid foundation in early literacy, writing and math. For this reason, we work diligently to incorporate best practices in all areas of the curriculum. CCPS teachers provide a nurturing environment which enables all students to excel. CCPS is a magical place for our kindergarten and first grade students.

Kindergarten Pod 1


Pod 1

Mrs. Garrison~Henshaw,
Mrs. Watson, Mrs. Watts, 

Mrs. J. Thrasher, &

Mrs. Stidham 

Kindergarten Pod 2 Picture

Pod 2

Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Peed,  

Mrs. Norrell, & Mrs. Kelley

K Pod 3


 Pod 3

Mrs. Byrd
Miss Rutherford,

 Mrs. Trammell, & 

Mrs. Ponder