KINDERGARTEN Parent Report Card Presentation 2014-2015

The information provided to you through this presentation should help you understand the grading scale, each area of content that is being assessed, along with what each standard means. 

If you have further questions, please contact your child's teacher.


This is an example of the CCPS Kindergarten report card. Your child will receive 3 report cards throughout the school year, every twelve weeks. The report card is directly aligned with the Alabama Course of Study Standards.


The next slide is the grading scale that will be used. Students will be given a 4, 3, 2, or 1 based on teacher assessments of the student’s learning. 4’s will not be assessed until the 3rd trimester.


On this slide, each of the READING STANDARDS is listed. Below is a brief explanation of each standard

  • Features of Print-Left to Right progression, page to page, parts of a book, differentiates letters from words, and notices that words are separated by spaces
  • Letter Sound Correspondence-Student recognizes all uppercase, lowercase, and letter sounds.
  • Phonemic Awareness-Initial Sound Fluency, Rhyming, Phoneme Isolation, Phoneme Segmentation
  • Blends Sounds to Read Words- Consistently blend sounds and reads words such as /C/ /A/ /T/àCAT!
  • Sight Word Recognition-Recognizes with automaticity sight words from each grading period.
  • Read Text with Purpose and Understanding-read emergent reader/grade-level text for purpose and understanding
  • Comprehension-Retells a story with key details, makes predictions, identifies character and setting, identifies beginning, middle, and end of story, identify main idea, and asks and answers questions about text.


The next two slides are in relation to the MATH STANDARDS.  Each of the standards is pretty self-explanatory.  If you have questions or would like more info about a specific standard, please talk to your child’s teacher. 



The next two slides are in relation to the ENGLISH STANDARDS. Our END GOAL is for students to write a minimum of three sentences.  An example piece of writing is shown.

This is a writing sample for 3rd trimester. Notice correct capitalization, spacing, and punctuation. Words are not all spelled correctly, but the student sounded out the words and wrote the letters that corresponds with those sounds.

There are three types of writing that the student's are required to do. 1) Opinion writing-the name explains itself, 2) Narrative Writing-story writing. This can be real life stories or made up stories.  and 3) Expository Writing-writing using non-fiction, to include facts.